Monday, June 25, 2012

Who are the Rainy Day Writers?

In short, we are a couple of married writers who enjoy creating children's books.  This is actually something of a new development in our lives.  If you had suggested to the two of us just five years ago that we would become children's book writers we wouldn't have believed it.  The process was a somewhat slow and subtle surprise for both of us.

For one thing, five years ago, Kris wasn't trying to be a writer.  He is an amazing artist, if a wife can brag her husband up a bit.  However his writing was limited to a few short stories.  I don't know that he ever imagined writing a full series of books.  His main interests were in crime novels, scifi, horror and fantasy.  I had figured that if he ever did get around to writing a novel it would be something for adults.  It was quite a shock to me when Kris found his inspiration to write and his first completed novel was about a young boy sleuthing around the woods and beaches of Washington.

While I've always wanted to be a professional writer, I had assumed that what I enjoyed creating was too dark to be children's books.  I thought that "See Spot Run" and "Babysitters Club" books were what they meant by children's books.  I'll admit that I was a bit too narrow-minded to realize the depth that some of the genre's books achieve and what the readers would allow.  I had thought that the idea of a series of dark children's books was something of an oxymoron.  Now I am excited to dive in and perhaps push the envelope.

Each of us has very different styles of children's writing and different interests in what children's stories we like to read.  Hopefully all of this will mesh well and become an interesting adventure for the writers and the readers!

The two of us are excited to invite you to our new blog, Rainy Day Writers, which will chronicle our writing adventures in the exciting would of children's novels.  Wish us luck and please come back soon to learn more about our novels and our thoughts on writing and reading children's books.

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